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As a part of the Voltrex Ltd. Company name, Voltrex Foreign Exchange was created to help clients everywhere transfer foreign currency and invest in the Forex market. Clients include corporations, government and private individuals. These clients can access the companies many different futures, derivative equities and options. The Voltrex website at www.voltrex.com contains more information about the numerous services and products offered.

Started in just 2001, Voltrex is authorized by the Financial Services Authority.  This company is a specialist brokerage that is comprised of the top professionals in the field. The senior management team is each required to have at least 20 years of experience in the market place before they can be promoted. Many of these individuals switched to Voltrex from major banks. These people chose to make their home at Voltrex because of the boutique, effective environment provided by the company.

Accounts at Voltrex are normally listed in British pounds or euros. New clients can try out free demo accounts to figure out how the Forex market works. Clients can register for their accounts without paying any fee to start up. Voltrex does not charge any marginal interest or fee for using the account. Deposit and withdrawal fees generally range from £8.5 to £ 18.50.

For customer service help, the office is open during the work week from 9:00 to 5:30. Although Voltrex does not provide clients with the option to have a stop order or a market order, they can still create one-time orders, recurring orders and limit orders. Clients can place their orders online or via the telephone for fast and simple transactions.  The company has trained employees who can help with each client’s questions and concerns. Daily charts and market info are posted on the website so each client can visit and make decisions about purchases on their own.

The company has also created a process known as a currency audit. When a new client opens an account, a member of the sales team will discuss their various currency needs and the details of the transaction. Clients can choose to set up or down alerts so that they are notified via SMS if the currency rate changes. The program was created to ensure that clients can view the rates live on the web page and click ‘swap’ when they need to. Voltrex’s entire system is designed to maximize the foreign exchange process so that clients can get the best value for their money.