ThinkMarkets Launches Greek Language Forex Website

ThinkMarkets, the popular brokerage firm dealing in commodities and CFDs in addition to foreign exchange, has recently made an announcement regarding the launch of its website in Greek. This is a very significant step towards expanding the company’s reach in Europe by making its products and services accessible to customers who speak this language and prefer to have financial and other services in this language and not necessarily in English.

Based in London, ThinkMarkets will now be able to cater to traders, investors and a wide range of people in the financial services industries who live in Greece and Cyprus, two countries where Greek is spoken predominantly. The company will definitely benefit from this full-scale offering in the local language since it will now be able to offer localized services to its customers in these two countries.

ThinkMarkets (formerly known as ThinkForex)‎ is a well-established online foreign exchange brokerage company that has multiple licenses in different jurisdictions. As a matter of fact, the company is regulated not just by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) but also by the Australian ‎Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Given that the industry has many unscrupulous operators, the company takes great pains to operate within the ambit of its licenses.

The new Greek-language website will have a number of features that have made this company a force to reckon with in the industry. Clients will be able to use a wide range of financial services and tools. They can also opt for one of two highly capable trading platforms. One of these is MetaTrader 4, the most popular forex broker in the world, and the other is the company’s exciting proprietary trading platform known as ThinkTrader.

ThinkMarkets products are already very popular with forex traders in Europe and other parts of the world, and a big reason for this has been its policy of offering local language websites. While English is already an option, the site also caters to speakers of different languages such as Italian, French, Arabic, and others. Customers living in different parts of the world and not necessarily fluent in English are able to make good use of the company’s services to make money from forex and other types of financial trading.

Another reason for the company’s continuing success is its use of a state of the art account management system. Known as ThinkPortal, it enables customers to trade with great ease and dexterity.

ThinkMarkets’ Head of Trading, Joe Rundle, talked about the brand new Greek-language offering, saying that it demonstrated the company’s commitment to the European market that was unevenly developed as of now. He went on to say that ThinkMarkets was working towards achieving its goal of being a leading player in the European forex market. His sentiments were echoed by the company’s Managing Director and co-founder, Faizan Anees, who also pointed out that the product launch came after detailed research of the Greek market. He was confident that both ThinkTrader and ThinkPortal would have the necessary components to be able to serve the specific needs of this market.

Anees elaborated on the forex trading business in Cyprus and Greece, saying that it was increasing not just in size but also in complexity at a very rapid pace. He said that traders in these markets have increasingly been exposed to different investment asset classes including foreign exchange, and Equity Indices. There has also been increased interest in Energies & Precious Metals. He also said that the growth plans of ThinkMarkets would benefit very much from its new products catering to these fast developing and highly lucrative markets in Europe.