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Smart Currency Exchange was founded in 2004 and is run by Charles Purdy and Kim Brown. Purdy is from a family of engineers. As he grew up, he decided to break from his family’s career field and become an account. Over the next few years, he developed extensive experience within the field of finance and as a Chief Financial Officer.

The other founding member, Kim Brown, attended University of New York and graduated in 1997 with a degree in Business Management and Accounting. After working at a consultancy firm, she moved over to England to take a fellowship in the service sector. Since that time, Brown has gone on to be featured in articles and magazines for her business acumen.

After its original formation, the company has grown to be a leader in the field of currency transfers. The company has no debt to its name and possesses a very sizable balance sheet. Clients choose this company to transfer millions of pounds each week. Many of these transfers are completed on the same day they are submitted meaning that clients get the money they need faster.

Compared to traditional banks, Smart Currency Exchange can save clients up to 4 percent. The larger the transfer, the more clients can potentially save. By using this currency broker, clients can save money on their overseas bank receiving charges and eliminate the risk that comes from currency fluctuations. Whenever the marketplace changes individuals and corporations are threatened by the rising cost of buying a different currency. Users who choose to have a forward contract can lock on to the current currency rate. This feature is especially useful for individuals on a fixed income or pension. Pensioners can set up monthly payment transfers and set forward contracts so they can count on the money being there when they need it.

Smart Currency Exchange does not charge fees or commission on transfers that are over three thousand pounds. Traders at Smart Currency Exchange are not paid off of commission so clients can be certain that the trader works for them and is not just trying to increase their pay.

Smart Currency Exchange provides exchanges for more than 20 different currencies. Transfers can be made from anywhere around the world that has an internet connection or telephone. Once clients decide to make a transfer, the company has someone on the trading floor that can immediately lock in the low rate for clients.

What we like about Smart Currency

–          Forward contracts that allow clients to secure a favourable rate that their currency can be bought for at a fixed point in the future.

–          The company is highly stable, has no debt and a solid balance sheet.

–          Smart Currency Dealers are not paid on commission so clients can be rest assured that they are not being misled.

–          Client funds are kept in a separate client funds account that is completely separate from the money used to operate the business on a day-to-day basis.

–          The regular payment plan that allows clients to send regular amounts overseas at market leading rates.  This is great for those people needing to send pension payments, wages or mortgage payments overseas.

What we don’t like about Smart Currency

–          At times their rates haven’t been as good as some of the other brokers on the market.