Rapid Growth of FBS Fuelled By Excellent Customer Service

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FBS is a well-known online forex broker that has built a good reputation for itself over the past 8 years. The company has built up an impressive customer base of more than 2,000,000 traders spread over more than a hundred countries worldwide. In fact, the company shot to the limelight within a mere three years of its inception when it was awarded a number of prizes including Fastest Growing Broker Asia, Best Forex Broker Asia and Best Platform MetaTrader 4.

There have been criticisms of FBS stemming from the fact that it does not come under the ambit of any regulatory agencies in the many jurisdictions it operates in. However, the company which is based in Belize has managed to silence its opponents by consistently increasing its customer base by the simple method of providing a good forex product backed by excellent customer service. More than a few traders are wary of trying out this broker’s services simply because it isn’t as old as most of the other global players which have been in operation for twenty years or so.

Focus on Small Retail Traders

FBS has consistently focused on the needs of small retail traders who make up the bulk of its market. This sets this company apart from the industry biggies which tend to target large clients. Therefore, it is possible to open an account here with just a dollar. The company also offers a 100% deposit bonus that helps customers increase the money available to them for trading. It also launches a number of cashback offers occasionally. These are very popular with customers looking for increased value for money. Furthermore, FBS also offers spreads that are among the most competitive in the business, going as low as minus one pips.

Excellent Customer Support

FBS offers outstandingly good customer support, thereby ensuring that customers can trade with the least possible inconvenience. Not only is support offered in a timely manner but it also very accurate and helpful. The support team is well trained and can offer assistance in many Asian languages apart from English and Arabic.

Well Designed Trading Platform

Customers of FBS will be offered the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. Online traders prefer using MT4 because it offers a very wide range of technical charts and trading options that help them trade successfully. MT4 also is the best option for anyone who is interested in automated trading with the help of Expert Advisors (EAs). Forex traders also have the option of using their PCs or mobile devices for trading.

A Wide Range of Accounts

Potential customers can choose from six trading accounts that are a suitable match to their trading style. These include:

Cents Trading Account which has a minimum deposit of $1 and comes with a leverage of 1:1000. It also offers floating spreads and a maximum of 200 open positions.

Micro Trading Account which takes deposits starting from $5 and offers leverage of 1:3000. There are fixed spreads here and a maximum of 200 open positions.

Standard Trading Account which has minimum $100 deposits with 1:3000 leverage. It offers floating spreads and up to 200 open positions.

Zero Spread Trading Account which has a $500 minimum deposit with 1:3000 leverage. This account offers fixed spreads and up to 200 open positions.

Unlimited Trading Account for a minimum $500 deposit and with a 1:500 leverage. This account has floating spreads, and as the name indicates, no trading limits.

ECN Trading Account also has the features of the above with a minimum deposit of $1000.

Overall, FBS is a very good forex broker for people who are interested in forex trading and not any other kind of online trading.