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Offering fast transfers to more than 70 different countries around the world, Online FX is a market leader in the field of foreign currency exchanges. Each transfer with Online FX is completely safe because the company uses the exact same systems that traditional banks use. Better yet, the company offers users buy back services. If the client does not know the exact amount of money they will need during their travels or for a purchase, they can ask for extra. Once the holidays are over, the client can return the currency to Online FX and have it purchased for the same price they originally paid for it. This feature takes away the stress of ordering money and enables clients to have a more relaxed holiday.

The Online FX Experience

Founded in 2000, this company offers very favorable rates compared to high street and bureaux de change. The entire online ordering process is completely secure and home delivery is insured. All currency can be delivered within one day of ordering. Clients can also avoid the wait time and hassle of a normal bureau de change. With an entirely online process, clients can place their orders without ever having to wait in line or verify any identification.

All payments with Online FX must be made using a credit card, debit or money transfer. Any order less than £350 pounds must pay a £4.95 fee. Orders that are for more than this amount are completely free.

One of the best things about using this company is the website itself. The Online FX website is designed with currency guides, reviews and articles that help to guide each customer through the entire process. Users get to see real time updates for the currency rates and can instantly make a purchase. Purchases are carried out 24 hours a day, every day. This enables each client to find the best exchange rate and take advantage of it.

Holiday goers can take advantage of the travel check options offered by Online FX. Based in Central London, this company has ten years of experience in providing traveler checks for holiday goers. The website has become so respected in their field that they distribute their currency updates for tourism to 400 different websites and affiliates. Every 15 minutes, the numbers listed on the website are updated with the most recent rates. All of these resources translate to users constantly receiving the most up-to-date information about their currency purchases.