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Started in 2009, My Travel Cash has created an exceptionally good customer service program and an affordable cost. My Travel Cash provides international money transfers as well as providing domestic currency exchange services.


Compared to banks on high street, My Travel Cash is definitely a much better deal. However, this benefit is not different than any other alternative foreign exchange service. Clients can choose to pick up their money in person or have it delivered. If they want the currency delivered the next day, they should order it before 2 pm. Each delivery is done using the Royal Mail delivery service so clients must be present to sign for their package. Any order that is placed for special delivery must be for a maximum of seven days in advance of the delivery date.

Currency that is exchanged online is offered with a special Internet discount. All online exchanges are secured using 128 bit encryption. In addition, the company’s website claims that they can save each client 30 pounds for every 500 pounds that are ordered through the website. Since the company does not charge any form of commission, staff members are driven by the customer’s needs instead of their own pay desires.


Unlike many foreign exchange services, My Travel Cash only has 20 different currencies offered for home delivery. Although they offer prepaid travel cards, they are not provided in as many varieties or fee ranges as other companies. The prepaid cash cards and home delivery options are extremely convenient for customers, but the cost leaves something to be desired. With smaller orders, the fees involved with home delivery can be substantial. Currently, the company charges 10 pounds for any delivery under their minimum amount of 600 pounds.

For larger orders, the home delivery option is a steal for clients. Anything over 600 pounds receives a free home delivery. For someone who is planning a long vacation abroad, this option is an amazing deal. To pay for the currency, clients must use their debit or credit cards online. If they need to, clients can call the company for further help or payment options.

The main reason customers choose to use this company is for traveling. The prepaid cards and home delivery options are intended for business and personal travelers—not for investment purposes. Prepaid cards help businesses track their employees’ expenditures abroad and provide them with a means to pay for business-related costs. Although this is a useful feature for businesses, it does not help out the average traveler very much.