International Foreign Exchange (IFX) Review

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Typical banks charge high fees for each foreign exchange completed. With a number of online money brokers popping up, clients no longer have to put up with slow, inefficient banks. Instead, the Internet is now full of money changers who do the same job for a fraction of the cost like International Foreign Exchange.

Part of the reason International Foreign Exchange can charge less is due to how the business is set up. It is not a retail bank so it does not need to hire bank tellers or buy property. Instead, it does most of its trading online. This equals out to the International Foreign Exchange having lower costs in running their business. These savings then get passed on to the customer who places a currency order online.

International Foreign Exchange is based in London. The company gives each company the level of customer service that they need without charging the high cost that banks do. To show what they can give the client, brokers at the International Foreign Exchange give clients a no obligation quote. At no point in time does the client have to purchase currency. Brokers understand that the clients might be shopping around for the best deal so they always try to keep the pressure off of the client.

To stay up to date on every market fluctuation, the International Foreign Exchange sends out a daily market update to their customers. This service is offered at no charge to subscribers.

Benefits of Using International Foreign Exchange

In addition to saving up to 5 percent, clients like IFE because the exchange rates are always offered without any commission or fees. Clients get the quick, efficient service they want at the price they need. To make the process even easier, clients can select to do a one-off transfer or a forward contract. Pensioners and individuals living on a set income often choose to create a forward contract. With this contract option, clients can lock in a currency exchange rate for up to one year into the future. By doing this, they avoid the stress of wondering if the exchange rate will fall and be able to have a consistent source of income.

Although IFE has a bid-rate spread like any broker, it never charges money for the transfers. Authorized by the Financial Services Authority, this company takes foreign exchanges to the next level. Customer reviews of IFE show the financial impact it has made on their currency exchanges and the positive experience they have had.