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Founded in 1999, Interchangefx is committed to providing each customer with the foreign exchange services they need. It serves a range of private clients and corporations. Over the past decade, it has expanded its business to include purchasing options via phone or online. Interchangefx works to give each client the kind of personalized service that they desire while charging a minimum amount of money for the service.

Personal Clients

Interchangefx has worked to create a service that helps a variety of different clients. Individuals who are buying property abroad or receiving pension payments abroad can set up one-time or regular payment transfers. The company has worked to ensure that each client can cut their foreign exchange costs and remain protected from the vagaries of the marketplace. Clients who are on a limited income like pensioners can set up forward contracts. By planning currency rates in advance, individuals can be certain of locking in the same low rate.

Interchangefx and Business Clientele

Businesses can also receive the same sort of benefit when using the service. The website offers the best foreign exchange rates for international transfers. Online trading technology and a low overhead enable Interchangefx to pass cost savings on to the client. Customers can also receive texts that alert them to currency changes and price fluctuations. This helps each corporation or small business to maintain a constant cash flow and keep the cost of doing business down.

Interchangefx lets consumers phone in their exchange orders. The expertly trained traders at Interchangefx are ready to provide information about current market movements. The only negative associated with Interchangefx is the website. At first glance, it appears to be completely functional. When users try to access it, some of the buttons do not line up with the words. The website is still functional, but it detracts from the overall user experience.

Overall Experience with Interchangefx

The best part of using Interchangefx is the price. Traditional banks offer a variety of retail, loan and exchange services. Since they cannot specialize in just foreign exchange, the rates charged by traditional brick-and-mortar banks is often much higher. Interchangefx can charge a lower fee and exchange rate because it specializes entirely in foreign exchange transfers.

New users can easily set up an account online. Interchangefx charges no fee for registering so clients can get a feel for the system before they make their first purchase. Conveniently, the website also offers a daily report on the Forex market.