ICE International Currency Exchange Review

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International Currency Exchange specializes in providing currency transfers and travelers checks. This company is a fairly good alternative to high street banks. Brick and mortar banks have more overhead to deal with so clients have to pay more for the same trade. With International Currency Exchange each client can pay less for the same service. The company is headquartered in London, but has operations in other countries.

This company does not charge customers commission on their trades. Orders that must be delivered can avoid the minimal fee if they are over a certain amount. Clients can pick up their orders in person or it can be mailed via the Royal Mail Special Delivery. Each order that goes through the office is ready by 1:00 PM on the following day. Any order that is delivered must be signed for in person. For the security of the trade, clients must be present to sign for their delivery.

Making Traveling Easier

Using International Currency Exchange helps make traveling a little easier for clients. The traveler’s checks can be issued for any amount between 300 and 10,000 pounds. Using these checks helps to make traveling easier and carrying money safer for each individual. The only drawback is the difficulty that many travelers have in cashing out their checks. If this is an issue, clients can also just transfer their funds into a foreign owned account. Money can be withdrawn in the country’s currency without having to resort to the hassle of traveler’s checks.

Since no commission is charged on the orders, employees at International Currency Exchange are more interested in the client’s needs than just padding their paycheck. The company has worked hard to find a team of dedicated professionals that are committed to providing quality financial services to individuals around the world.

International Connections

The International Currency Exchange possesses more than 350 branches in 20 different countries. Over 1,500 people are currently listed on its payrolls. Since it was started in 1974, the International Currency Exchange has grown drastically in size and scope. This company now offers more than just traveler’s checks. Users can transfer currency for home, car or plane purchases. Individuals who are on a pension or fixed income can also take advantage of the option to have regular transfers set up. Better yet, the company streams of live feed of current currency rates. Users can check the website to see the most up-to-date rates for their favorite currencies and plan their transfers accordingly.