HotForex – A Reliable Partner for Profitable Trading

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Forex trading can be a lucrative enterprise but only as long as you do plenty of homework. Not only will you need to learn about the industry but you’ll also need to choose a good broker to partner with. HotForex is one of the many brokers available to choose from, but it stands out from the crowd on account of its reliability and global presence.

About HotForex

The company is an experienced one, having been around since 2010. In fact, it is part of the HF Markets Group that operates businesses in Europe, South Africa, Mauritius, and also St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The company is fully licensed to operate in all these locations and therefore it comes under the ambit of regulators. Thanks to its wide global presence, HotForex has accumulated around 500,000 customers so far, with the number of active accounts increasing at a regular basis. In fact, it has also been awarded multiple times for the quality of its services in many regions.

A Wide Range of Trading Products

If you are looking for a wide range of currency pairs to trade on then HotForex is a suitable broker because it features 50 of them. Therefore, you can get even exotic currency pairs over and above the well-known ones.

HotForex also features CFDs (Contract for Difference) in a number of commodities including cotton, coffee, and cocoa. You can also trade in stocks and shares at major indices using HotForex’s platform. Finally, it also gives you the option of trading in oil in addition to silver, gold, and other precious metals. Most traders like to dabble in different products because of the many opportunities that exist to make money. There aren’t any restrictions on the types of trades you can do, whether you prefer to hold positions over extended periods or choose to do scalping and hedging.

Excellent Customer Support

You can be assured of timely and high quality customer support as a customer of HotForex. They will help you deal with any issue you might face so that you can keep trading without any interruptions. The site also operates continuously without any shutdowns, and it also offers works at very high speeds, enabling you to take advantage of small changes in prizes. You can access the trading platform using a wide range of mobile and desktop devices.

Attractive Offers and Promotions

HotForex gives you additional reasons for signing up. For starters, you can get leverage as far as 1: 1000, perfect if you are an adventurous trader. You will also get a 100% bonus on each and every deposit, giving you the opportunity to hold large positions.

Numerous Options for Accounts

You can choose from a very wide range of accounts to suit your trading style and your budget. For starters, there is a Micro account that gives you access to all markets with a mere $5 minimum deposit. The Premium account has a minimum deposit requirement of $500 which is very reasonable indeed. In case you prefer trading without spreads then the Zero account is best because it provides you with direct interbank rates for a very reasonable commission.

There is also a Fixed Spread account for regular traders who operate irrespective of market conditions. Finally, there is a VIP account that gives you access to advice and other inputs from in-house forex experts. It goes without saying that you’ll have to make a larger deposit of $20,000 for this account. The company also gives you the option of Automated and Managed accounts in addition to an Islamic account.


HotForex is clearly a company that deserves its excellent reputation in the industry. It’s a great option for novice and experienced players alike.