Halo Financial Review

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Any consumer who regularly watches television is familiar with the services Halo Financial offers. This currency transfer service provides clients with cheap, easy money transfers around the world. The market leading company does not charge any commission. Each client who uses the service is matched with one currency dealer so they have a dealer who understands their personal needs.

Fees Charged

Transfers of less than £5,000 are charged a £15 fee, but larger transactions are provided at no cost. Any funds transferred before 12 PM are cleared on the same day for most locations around the world.

The key to getting the best exchange rate is to know the market’s fluctuations. For the average person exchanging currency, learning the various ups and downs of the marketplace takes too much time. With a currency dealer like the people at Halo Financial, individuals get the expertise they need for transfers without having to spend years studying the marketplace.

Who Uses Halo Financial

Individuals who are buying property overseas can benefit from the services offered by Halo Financial. In addition, people who are about to purchase a high value asset like a plane or a car can save money using services offered by the company. Other people who enjoy using the services offered by the company are individuals who are about to emigrate or who need to make regular currency transfers. Halo Financial lets clients transfer set monthly amounts so individuals who need access to their pension, rental income or salary can arrange transfers ahead of time.

Setting up a forward contract with Halo Financial can help consumers to lock in to favorable exchange rates. A forward contract allows the client to know ahead of time what currency rate they will receive at a future point in time. This takes the guesswork out of the exchange and gives them a check amount that they can count on.

Benefits of Using Halo Financial

Clients can benefit from the lack of commission charges and free telegraphic transfers offered by the company. Since Halo Financial monitors the Forex market 24 hours a day, the consumer does not have to. Dealers will call clients with top currency information and changes so that each client remains up to date on market fluctuations. They provide every client with access to information about the currency market and SMS alerts when the currency changes. Overall, this company may not be the United Kingdom’s largest, but it has developed a strong reputation for quality customer service and fast transfers.