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Currency UK was started in just 2000. Since then, it has helped thousands of different clients around the world transfer millions of pounds in currency. The market specialists at Currency UK speak directly with the currency dealers to discover the best rates. Recently, Currency UK has been in the news. Reports in Living in Spain, the Telegraph, the Observer, the Financial Times and the Daily Express all discuss the benefits of using Currency UK. Clients receive fast and efficient service while also receiving some of the best currency rates on the marketplace.


Currency UK is regulated by the Financial Services Authority so consumers know their transfers and investments are safe. They have instituted complaint procedures and data protection so clients always have an outlet for all of their currency needs. To protect the accounts further, client funds are all held at HSBC to ensure their safety.

Same Day Payments

All currency requests can be transferred on the same day. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Currency UK has the wealth of knowledge and multi-lingual staff to ensure that every order is placed quickly and effectively. The services at Currency UK are perfectly designed to help importers, exporters, overseas expatriates and corporate clients.

Personal Transactions

Individuals who want to buy property abroad can use Currency UK to transfer their property payments. The service also works well for pensioners who want to collect their checks abroad. Users can either choose to have a single payment transfer or set up monthly payments to their foreign accounts.

Currency UK offers users free telegraphic transfers and no commission charges. The rates offered by the company are also significantly better than the exchange rates provided by traditional banks. Clients can take advantage of the knowledge provided by Currency UK’s experienced staff members. Rates can be easily tracked using their software so clients receive the best rate possible.

Staff at Currency UK makes their income from consistent, repeat transfers. Due to this, the staff has an incentive to provide the best client services possible so they can develop a consistent clientele. If there ever is an issue, Currency UK has an online complaint form. Clients can describe their issues and the customer service team will fix the problem. Overall, the experience with Currency UK is fast and effective. Better yet, it has a very accessible web page. Users can easily track their transfers and find out the latest in currency related news.