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Currency Solutions is a foreign exchange service that offers a variety of options for individuals and corporations who are looking to transfer money on the Forex market. They have competitive exchange rates and charge minimal fees. The entire program is simple and easy to use. Currency Solutions provides clients with the choice between completing a one-time transfer or regular payment transfers.

Why Use Currency Solutions?

Users of Currency Solutions receive a no obligation quote and can receive market updates via email at no charge. Exchange can be done for up to a 5 percent better rate than that offered at banks. Users can enjoy free transfers through the online payment systems and fast international transfers. The foreign exchange broker age service also allows users to create a forward contract. This option allows the user to fix their exchange rate for up to a year in advance. For pensioners or individuals on a fixed income, the forward contract option enables them to be certain of just how much money will be sent to their account each month.

Users can also enjoy an added level of safety that comes from using Currency Solutions. The company is authorized through the Financial Services authority. The company was founded in 2003 and has grown to encompass bank-beating rates as well as exceptional customer service. It is based in London and has a subsidiary branch In Cyprus. Currency Solutions boasts of over 20,000 clients around the world. Since 2007, the turnover at Currency Solutions has doubled as its operations have grown to be more technologically innovative and effective. Clients can select to receive their alerts via email, mobile applications or on the company’s webpage.

To get started with the service, users must first create an online profile. Once registration is complete, clients can choose to buy currency online or by phone. Payments are made using a debit card or via a bank transfer. After the trade is complete, a confirmation receipt will be emailed or faxed to the client. All exchange rates offered by Currency Solutions are provided with up-to-minute updates. Instead of offering a tourist rate or daily updates, Currency Solutions provides clients with completely current numbers so they can save more money. Any amount over £10,000 is free to transfer. Amounts under £10, 000 are charged a £10 fee. The company allows users to perform spot trades, forward trades, market orders and regular transfers.

 What we like about Currency Solutions:

– Highly competitive rates.

– Very quick transfers with same day or next day if one of the main currency pairings such as GBP, USD, CAD, or EUR.

– No Commission or fees

– Segregated client account used where client’s funds are kept away from operating capital.

– Various options to help clients maximise their rate of exchange including options and forward contracts. The company also offers market orders that can be used to minimise risk in currency rate fluctuations.

– Authorised by the FSA and regulated by HMRC.