Currency Education Websites

Although initially learning about currency can appear to be a daunting task, there are a few excellent online resources that aim to make those critical first steps toward understanding mediums of exchange much easier.

Among the forerunners in currency education is the website The main purpose of the site is to educate users about the foreign exchange market, also known as Forex. Among the vast amount of resources on are free research and strategy documents, along with innumerable pages dedicated to basic currency and trading education. The most useful part of the site, however, is a section dedicated to the technical analysis of currency. It is on this page that users will find help understanding how and why prices move in the currency-trading market.

Another pivotal website dedicated to currency and Forex is, a vastly popular site dedicated to providing the very latest conversion rates while supplying archives detailing historical rates for purposes of comparison. also gives users the opportunity to view popular currency profiles. For example, if someone is interested in the nuances of British pounds, furnishes a page showing the pound’s symbol, nicknames, coins, banknotes and inflation rates.

While is a great resource for those just beginning their journey into the world of currency, grants a wealth of knowledge regarding current events surrounding mediums of exchange. Both sites are user-friendly assets for anyone looking to venture into Forex and general currency education.