Currency Cards

Currency cards are a worthy option to consider when weighing up how you are going to make purchases overseas.���� They work in the same way as a debit or credit card and can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or make card purchases in shops and restaurants.

There are a number of reasons that make travel cards a popular alternative to carrying cash:

  • Better rates
  • More security
  • Fewer fees
  • No queues!


Better Rates

When compared to banks and high street foreign exchange bureaus, many people find that currency cards work out better for the pocket.���� Card providers tend to be very competitive with the rates they offer and are generally much cheaper than cash foreign exchange services.

More Security

In many cases, if you are to lose foreign cash when on your travels you have to bite the bullet and deal with the loss.  Even if you have travel insurance, you run the risk of the insurer using a loop hole to get out of reimbursing you for your loss.  If you lose or have your currency card stolen, it is very difficult for people to use it fraudulently.  In this eventuality, you would simply need to call the card provider and inform them that the card has been misplaced and they will block it from being used.

Fewer Fees

Not only are there savings to be made by receiving better rates but currency card customers will also find that there are fewer fees to be paid when using currency cards.  Most of them are free of ATM charges and also when making payments in shops, restaurants and other establishments.  These fees can be as high as £5 per withdrawal with some banks.

No Need to Queue

Just order your currency over the phone or online and it will be delivered to you, often the next day. ��There’s no need to queue in a busy bank or foreign exchange bureaux to buy your currency!

The top Three Travel Cash Cards on the Market:

My Travel Cash Currency Card 

The My Travel Cash Card offers it’s users to travel a number of countries without the need to carry multiple currencies.  The card costs £5 if you are planning on loading it with under £700 – if your budget is above £700 then it will cost you nothing.  You can choose between US Dollar, Euro or multi currency cards and when you load the card with your spending money, you will benefit from market leading exchange rates that will not be subject to commission charges.

Click here to visit My Travel Cash!



Travelex Cash Passport Card

Travelex is the world’s most popular provider of foreign exchange services and with its currency card you are able to take advantage of exchange rates that are far superior to its, or any other high street bureau/banks rates.  Home delivery is free no matter how much you want to take with you abroad and Travelex will aim to have your card with you within 48 hours.

Register for your Travelex Cash Passport here!



FAIRFX Travel Card

If you are looking for market leading tourist rates and the ability to take your travel spending money with you in a handy piece of plastic then FAIRFX can help.  They offer one of the world’s most popular travel cards which is available for £9.95 and benefits from offering absolutely no transaction charges when you use it in restaurants and shops overseas.  In addition to this ATM withdrawals cost just £1 which is much cheaper than most banks.

To apply for the FAIRFX Travel Card then visit