Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Forex Traders

Most forex traders start off with a great deal of enthusiasm, hoping to earn a great deal of money buying and selling foreign currencies. However, what ends up happening is that they lose so much money that they end up closing their trading accounts within two years. If you are planning to start forex trading then it’s best to find out how you can avoid losing money instead of going all out to earn quick cash. This will help you stay in the business during the early risky period and continue earning money throughout.

Some of the most common mistakes made by newbie forex traders include:

Not Learning Enough About the Industry Before Jumping In

Most people feel that they can easily make money trading in forex whereas this business requires quite a bit of knowledge and skill. This is actually a serious enterprise that is far from being a get rich quick business. Conducting forex trades without sufficient knowledge or homework will be nothing less than gambling (and everyone knows that gamblers simply do not win enough money over a long period). Forex traders need to do plenty of homework before starting work, and this includes knowledge of how the markets move. They should also have a proper trading and risk management system in place. It is also best to focus on a few currency pairs and learn how they move versus each other so that they can do the most effective.

Dropping Out Due to a Few Losses

Losses are inevitable in any business, but a newbie trader should learn to take them in stride instead of quitting the business entirely. Fear of losses can also cause traders to quit their trading strategies. Therefore, traders should have the discipline to stick to their strategy, even if trades do not go their way for a while.

Not Having Sufficient Capital to Trade Properly

It’s very important to have enough funds to trade with or else one will not be able to take advantage of all trading opportunities. However, it should be stressed that traders should ideally use their own money instead of borrowing it because this can work out to be very costly. When traders factor in the cost of the money, they might have to conduct risky trades in an attempt to recoup their expenses. It is also best to trade with as little leverage as possible to reduce the overall risk of the business. A sum of £1000 is a reasonable amount to start trading with.

Not Having Enough Discipline

Traders who are indisciplined are doomed to failure because they might end up making emotional decisions. Of course, there are people who have earned money purely by luck, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Besides, they might end up losing more money in the long term. Not only should traders have a proper strategy but they should also have a ceiling on how much money they put into their trades.


You can make quite a bit of money via online forex trading as long as you give the business the respect that it deserves. You need to start by choosing a good broker who has a user friendly and reliable online platform for you to use. You should also spend a lot of time to learn about the industry, especially with regards to the factors that affect currency moves. Forex trading is becoming very popular with people all over the world because it offers them the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of their homes, either as a supplementary source of income or as their main one.