ExchangeCurrency.com is the number one currency comparison tool on the internet today. Each month we help countless people save money by comparing the rates on offer from the top currency brokers on the market.

By using the cheapest broker rather than their bank to transfer money overseas, it is likely that someone with a foreign currency requirement will save 3-4% on the total value of their transfer.  It isn’t uncommon for our users to save tens of thousands of pounds with medium sized transfers.

Our site was founded in 2011 to help people save money, whether they are sending lump sum payments internationally or need smaller amounts of overseas currency for spending on holiday.

The types of people that use our service include those people that:

-����    ��   Are purchasing overseas property.

-����������   �� �� Have emigrated and need pensions or other payments regularly sent to their new home country.

–          Have emigrated and have savings to send overseas.

–      ��   Need foreign currency to spend on a holiday or while travelling.

–          Have friends or family that require money in their local currency

–   ��      Work abroad and need to send their earnings back home.

We can also help businesses that send or receive international payments.

As well as offering our popular comparison service, we have recently introduced our forum where people can go to discuss difference foreign exchange brokers or to have any questions asked.

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