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This is a test page with currency gbp to eur

ProviderGBP 1000 will buy youFSACommissionBank PartnerReviewsVisit Provider
Tor FX 1167.13 EUR 0% Barclays
75 Reviews
Visit Tor FX Website
halo Financial 1166.66 EUR 0% Barclays
29 Reviews
Visit halo Financial Website
World First 1165.84 EUR 0% Barclays
24 Reviews
Visit World First Website
Moneycorp 1165.72 EUR 0% HSBC
60 Reviews
Visit Moneycorp Website
UK Forex 1165.14 EUR 0% Barclays
22 Reviews
Visit UK Forex Website
Currency Solutions 1164.55 EUR 0% RBS
33 Reviews
Visit Currency Solutions Website
Currencies Direct 1164.31 EUR 0% HSBC
46 Reviews
Visit Currencies Direct Website
Smart Currency 1161.85 EUR 0% Barclays
29 Reviews
Visit Smart Currency Website
Voltrex FX 1161.03 EUR 0% RBS
21 Reviews
Visit Voltrex FX Website