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Foreign Currency Exchange

Want to get the best rate on your foreign currency exchange?  Of course you do!  Just let us know a little but about your transfer and we’ll tell you where to go to get the best rate.  We can help people with all sorts of requirement, from overseas property purchase to emigration to lands afar. ������The rates in the comparison table below are indicative and to get a guaranteed quote, just click on the “get a quote” button where you will be directed to your chosen broker.  Thanks for using the service!


ProviderGBP 10000 will buy youFSACommissionBank PartnerReviewsVisit Provider
Tor FX 11495.48 EUR 0% Barclays
75 Reviews
Visit Tor FX Website
halo Financial 11490.86 EUR 0% Barclays
29 Reviews
Visit halo Financial Website
World First 11482.77 EUR 0% Barclays
24 Reviews
Visit World First Website
Moneycorp 11481.61 EUR 0% HSBC
60 Reviews
Visit Moneycorp Website
UK Forex 11475.84 EUR 0% Barclays
22 Reviews
Visit UK Forex Website
Currency Solutions 11470.06 EUR 0% RBS
33 Reviews
Visit Currency Solutions Website
Currencies Direct 11467.75 EUR 0% HSBC
46 Reviews
Visit Currencies Direct Website
Smart Currency 11443.5 EUR 0% Barclays
29 Reviews
Visit Smart Currency Website
Voltrex FX 11435.41 EUR 0% RBS
21 Reviews
Visit Voltrex FX Website is a leading currency rate comparison website that has been created to save its users money.  By comparing foreign currency exchange rates it is possible to save considerable sums of money.  For example, by using a currency specialist over a bank for an exchange of £100,000, it isn’t uncommon for people to benefit from £3-4000 in savings.  Banks tend to take 3-5% with their spreads while a specialist broker is more likely to charge 1% or less.  Give it a try, call your bank for a quote and then compare that to what any of the brokers above are offering and nine times out of ten, your bank will be vastly more expensive.