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Currency Converter

Please find below listings of the top currency brokers on the market today. If you are looking to send money overseas for emigration, a house purchase or for any other purpose, each of the below will be able to help. Our Currency Converter has calculated a real time rate for each of them, allowing you to see who is offering the best deal for you today. This rate is for indicative purposes only and you should click on the “get a quote” button to proceed to your preferred broker’s website to get a tailored quote. Each company holds a client funds account meaning your money is safe from the day-to-day operations of their business.

Provider will buy youFSACommissionBank PartnerReviewsVisit Provider
Tor FX 0 0% Barclays
75 Reviews
Visit Tor FX Website
halo Financial 0 0% Barclays
29 Reviews
Visit halo Financial Website
World First 0 0% Barclays
24 Reviews
Visit World First Website
Moneycorp 0 0% HSBC
60 Reviews
Visit Moneycorp Website
UK Forex 0 0% Barclays
22 Reviews
Visit UK Forex Website
Currency Solutions 0 0% RBS
33 Reviews
Visit Currency Solutions Website
Currencies Direct 0 0% HSBC
46 Reviews
Visit Currencies Direct Website
Smart Currency 0 0% Barclays
29 Reviews
Visit Smart Currency Website
Voltrex FX 0 0% RBS
21 Reviews
Visit Voltrex FX Website